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Abuse-Free Sport Hotline

Government of Alberta Safe Sport Resources.
Do you suspect maltreatment? Not sure what to do?
If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to both questions, we’ve provided a link to the Flag System for Sport which is a framework to help figure out if a behaviour is ok or not, and suggestions for possible ways to respond. Although this framework isn’t available in Alberta, we are providing a resource link from via Sport which is the lead agency to steward the growth and development of amateur sport in British Columbia:

      *    Flag Tool for Sport
File a Complaint Link to file a Complaint Page

Mental Health Support

       *     Alberta Mental Health Hotline: 1-877-303-2642     
       *     Coaching Association of Canada Mental Health Hub·        
       *     Canadian Centre for Mental Health in Sport·        
       *     Canadian Olympic Committee Game Plan·        
       *     Alberta HealthServices: Addiction and Mental Health