Officials Courses

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2021-2022 Season: 

SSA Official Course - Level 4W Short Track Referee - Closed

SSA Official Course - Meet Recorder System - Closed


The SSC Red Book Article O3-102 identifies Level 3 Referees and Starters in addition to Level 3 Competition Stewards and Meet Coordinators as eligible to conduct Level 1 Officials’ clinics.

The following Alberta Officials are currently eligible to instruct SSC Level 1 Officials' courses. Their home locations are indicated in brackets, but these Level 3 Officials may conduct clinics anywhere in the province.

Brad Bates (Calgary)
Kim Bates (Calgary)
Nicole Cooney (Lethbridge)
Stephen Estabrooks (Edmonton)
Tim Hartel (Calgary)
Bob Irvine (Calgary)
Tom Lipsett (Edmonton)
Claire Loberg (Peace Wapiti)
John Muller (Lethbridge)
Myron Pearman (Red Deer)
Gregg Planert (Calgary)
Marc Poulin (Calgary)
Dave Thomson (Calgary)
Bruce Thorpe (Calgary)
Melanie Winters (Lethbridge)
Sharon Zorman (Calgary)