About  Alberta Speed Skating

We are of all ages and from all walks of life, and we live, work, and play in towns and cities all across Alberta.
And we all have one thing in common: we love the sport of speed skating!

Speed Skating Association (SSA),  is the provincial sport organization responsible for the amateur sport of speed skating in the Province of Alberta. Our Association administers both the long and short track disciplines of the sport. A total of 1400 skaters, volunteers, coaches, officials and administrators from twelve community clubs across Alberta make up the membership of SSA. In turn SSA is one of 13 provincial sport organizations that make up Speed Skating Canada (SSC), our national sport organization. SSC is governed by the International Skating Union (ISU).

We are a volunteer-driven, Alberta registered not-for-profit society. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is usually hosted in May each year. More information regarding the AGM can be found on the SSA AGM page.

Our History

SSA has provided support and services to its members and member clubs since its inception in 1955. To be honest we were a little behind the times since SSC was founded in 1887. SSA was officially incorporated in 1973 under the Alberta Registries Act as a not-for- profit society. Our Association’s physical presence at the Olympic Oval began in 1988 shortly after the Olympic Winter Games.

Our bottom line hasn’t changed in 60 years; whether you are looking for a recreational experience, a viable cross training alternative, or simply want a chance at the Olympic rings, speed skating offers unique opportunities for skaters, officials and coaches. No matter how you chose to participate, SSA pledges to provide support at every level.

We are proud of what we have done for speed skating in Alberta and the long and short of it is…we think speed skating is a sport for all ages and skill levels.

Please contact us so we can connect you with your local speed skating club. If your community doesn’t have a speed skating club yet, we can help you start one!

Why do we love speed skating?

Speed skating builds character and shapes attitudes. It enables personal growth. Through developing and practicing skills, setting goals and preparing for and racing at competitions, skaters learn the benefits of dedication, perseverance, stress management, self-reliance and discipline which are all applicable in other aspects of their lives. By working with others in pursuit of common objectives, athletes develop the ability to work in teams, share responsibility and develop communication skills. All of these enable individuals to participate fully in their communities and the larger society.

The pursuit of personal goals in speed skating requires athletes to make choices through which they discover their personal values. By acting consistently with these values, skaters develop self-esteem and self-confidence. Strength of character results from this process of moral self-definition.

Through competition, speed skaters experience winning, losing, failure, success and achievement. They experience the emotions associated with the outcomes of competition: joy, disappointment, satisfaction. Personal growth results from learning how to put these events and emotions in perspective – how to win with grace and how to lose with grace.

Excellence of effort is based in a belief about the unlimited potential of SSA’s members. Members have the opportunity to improve their skills, fulfill their personal potential, set and reasonably expect to be able to achieve personal goals and yes, if they choose, aspire to win Olympic medals. Excellence of effort is not limited to athletic performance. It extends to the performance of officials, coaches and administrators paid or volunteer. Excellence of effort does not imply that individuals are obligated to aspire to higher levels of achievement, but within the resources available, such aspirations will be supported. Striving to be the best that one can be, as over-used as the phrase has become, is valued in the speed skating community of Alberta.

Our Vision:

All speed skaters in Alberta have the opportunity to perform to their highest potential.

Our Mission:

Speed Skating Alberta provides support and resources for optimal development of Alberta speed skaters.


Speed Skating Alberta:

  • Ensures the safety of all participants in everything we do, applies Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) principles, respects True Sport values of fair play and good sportsmanship, provides a safe and positive environment, sees every participant as a valuable member of all of their communities, recognizes that speed skaters train, develop and compete best within a collaborative community.
  • Every athlete, regardless of age and ability, every volunteer, every coach, every official, every employee, every administrator, its partners and sponsors at the club level, the provincial level, the national level, and the international level.
  • Practices sound fiscal management planning, seeks the optimal coordination and cooperation of executive, staff and volunteers, advocates for speed skaters and speed skating in Alberta, practices good governance and management of its operations and programs.

Our Team, 2022-2023:

  • President - Antonio Faiola
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Rachel Miller
  • VP Skater Development - Marc Poulin
  • VP Officials - Andrew Cross
  • VP Club & Membership - Justin de Vlieg
  • VP Marketing - Sylvie Tanguay
  • VP Communications - Jill Mark
  • Director at Large - Cherise Eaves
  • Technical Director - Lorelei St. Rose
  • Office Manager - Wen-Shu Huang

SSA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes