AB HUB Athlete By Design Mini Camp 4.0

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Speed Skating Alberta is pleased to present:

AB HUB Athlete By Design Mini Camp 4.0

September 17/18, 2022

Calgary Olympic Oval

This camp is designed around the Single Distance and Time Trial competitions hosted by the Olympic Oval.  

The Single Distance Competition will include both 111m and 100m racing.  Skaters racing as 11-13 year olds will be provided a great racing opportunity on the 100m track.

AGE:  11+                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                COST:  $50

Registration Link:  Registrant Name AB HUB Athlete By Design Mini Camp 4.0 | IceReg

AB HUB Athlete By Design Mini Camp 4.0 - DRAFT SCHEDULE

 or go to the lnik below and click on the AB HUB Training Camps logo

Coaches Resources (albertaspeedskating.ca)

** The Races: Single Distance (SD) & Time Trial (TT)

Registration for the Single Distance (SD) & Time Trial (TT) is separate from the mini camp.  Please register online for the racing through the Oval website:  Competition Calendar | Olympic Oval | University of Calgary (ucalgary.ca)

Please Note:  Skaters must be skating as a 14 year old (C2) and also meet the time standards.

The SD and TT are offered concurrently (so must choose discipline to race).

Registration Deadline

SD:  Thursday, September 8th

TT:   Thursday, September 15th

Registration for 11-13 year olds racing on the 100m track:  Please register for the camp and these skaters will be added manually to the SD registration list.  The cost of this racing ($25) can be paid at the Oval Front Desk on Saturday morning.

***Camp Maximum Capacity:  40 skaters


Level 4 NCI Coach, B.Sc, Sports Education

Xiuli was the Oval High Performance Coach from 1997-2002 prior to become the Canadian LT National Team Coach from 2002-2017.  In 2017 Xiuli became the Chinese LT National Team Head Coach. leading the team through to the Beijing 2022 Olympics.

Xiuli has coached numerous very accomplished Olympians:  Clara Hughes, Christine Nesbitt, Christina Groves, Cindy Klassen, Brittany Schussler, Shannon Remple (holds Jn Womens 500m record), Arna Dankers, Mark Jesne, Kerry Simpson and Nicole Garrido (holds Jn Womens 3000m record).

Xiuli competed for China in the 1984, 88 and 1992 Olympic Games.  From 1985-87 Xiuli was the Chinese Female record holder for the 500/1000/1500, 3k and 5k distances.

Xiuli is a very respected speed skating coach worldwide and we are extremely fortunate to have her spend time developing our skaters and coaches.

Xiuli will be working with our skaters and coaches during multiple sessions.  Coaches are welcome and encouraged to join in the dryland and ice sessions to learn from Xiuli.