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 Competition and event information for the 2019-2020 season will be added as the details are finalized. Listed events/dates are tentative until bulletins are linked.

For competitions hosted at the Olympic Oval, please refer to the Olympic Oval Competitions page for bulletins and registration details. 

Sept. 2019      
   Sept. 19-22 LT  Olympic Oval Fall Classic, Calgary, AB
   Sept. 20-22 ST  Canadian Short Track Championships, Montreal, QC
   Sept. 28 ST  Single Distance Series #1, Calgary, AB
Oct. 2019      
  Oct. 5   *CANCELLED* FUNdamental Leader Course offered by CSSA at Olympic Oval, Calgary, AB
  Oct. 12-13 ST Western Elite Circuit #1, Calgary, AB
  Oct. 17-20 LT

Canadian Long Track Championships/Olympic Oval Invitational, Calgary, AB

  Oct. 18-20 ST Short Track Canada Cup 1, Sherbrooke, QC
  Oct. 24 ST Peace Wapiti Mini Meet, Grande Prairie, AB
  Oct. 26-27 ST LSSA Bridge Bolt Ability Meet, Lethbridge, AB
Nov. 2019      
  Nov. 2 ST RDSSC ST Ability Meet, Gary W. Harris Centre at Red Deer College
  Nov. 8-10 LT Olympic Oval CanAm, Calgary, AB
  Nov. 9-11 ST ESSA Fall Classic ST, Edmonton, AB
  Nov. 16  ST  Single Distance Series #2, Calgary, AB
  Nov. 23 ST Peace Wapiti Interclub ST Meet, Grande Prairie, AB (registration form)
  Nov.29-Dec.1 ST Canadian Junior Short Track Championships, Calgary, AB
 Dec. 2019      
  Dec. 6-8 ST Canadian Short Track International Invitational, Montreal, QC
  Dec. 6-8 LT Long Track Canada Cup 1, Fort St. John, BC
  Dec. 7 ST Single Distance Series #3, Calgary, AB
  Dec. 7 ST BCSSC Canmore Ice Racing Challenge CIRC ST Meet, Canmore, AB
  Dec. 7 ST LBBSSC Fire on Ice, Lloydminster, AB/SK
  Dec. 10 ST LSSA's 2019 Winter Mini-Meet, Lethbridge, AB
  Dec. 14-15 LT ESSA Winter Classic LT, Edmonton, AB (LT Camp Dec.15) *club summary sheet
  Dec. 21-22   FUNdamentals Coach workshop, Calgary, AB
  Dec. 29   Try Speed Skating, Seton YMCA, Calgary, AB
Jan. 2020      
  Jan. 2 ST ESSA New Year Junior & almost Junior ST Invitational, Edmonton, AB
  Jan. 3-6 LT Canadian Junior LT Championships Long Track Canada Cup 2, Calgary, AB
  Jan. 11-12 LT CSSA Alberta Long Track, Calgary, AB
  Jan. 12   RBC Training Ground Qualifier, Calgary, AB
  Jan. 17-19 LT **CANCELLED** Long Track Canada Cup 3, Lake Placid, NY, USA
  Jan. 18 ST Northern Lites Ability ST, Peace River, AB
  Jan. 18-19 LT RDSSC Long Track, Red Deer, AB *CYLTC qualifier
  Jan. 18-19 ST Western Elite Circuit #2, Richmond, BC
  Jan. 25 ST RMHSSC Fast is Fun, Rocky Mountain House, AB - Meet Registration Form and Club Summary
Feb. 2020      
  Feb. 1 ST **CANCELLED** BCSSC Canmore Team Challenge CTC ST event, Canmore, AB
  Feb. 7-9 ST Short Track Canada Cup 2, Sherbrooke, QC
  Feb. 8-9 LT Canadian Youth LT Championships, Red Deer, AB -- Setters Place at Great Chief Park
  Feb. 15-18 LT Alberta Winter Games hosted by the City of Airdrie; the Speed Skating Event will be LT at the Olympic Oval
  Feb. 22-23 ST Western Elite Circuit #3, Calgary, AB
  Feb.28-Mar.1 LT Neo/Junior LT Invitational, location to be determined
  Feb.29-Mar.1 LT IMSSC Masters Sprint Games, Calgary, AB
March 2020      
  Mar. 7-8 ST CSSA RUFast ST, Calgary, AB
  Mar. 13-15 ST Short Track Canada Cup Final, Calgary, AB
  Mar. 14-15 LT Olympic Oval Grand Prix, Calgary, AB
  Mar. 19-22 LT Long Track Canada Cup 4 / Oval Finale, Calgary, AB
  Mar. 20-22 ST Short Track Canada Cup Junior Final, Richmond, BC
  Mar. 21 ST ESSA West Edmonton Mall ST, Edmonton, AB
  Mar. 28-29 ST Canadian Youth Short Track Championships - West, Selkirk, MB
  Mar. 28-29 ST Canadian Youth Short Track Championships - East, Sherbrooke, QC
April 2020      
Apr. 8-9 Elbow River Casino in support of AASSA - signup here   Will be rescheduled
May 2020      
  May 23   AASSA AGM, Calgary, AB
July 2020      
  July 12-17 AASSA Canmore Summer Camp (details to come!) Cancelled
Oct. 2020      
  Oct 3 ST ESSA Junior Circuit meet, Edmonton, AB Cancelled
  Oct. 15-18 LT Canadian LT Championships, Calgary, AB Postponed to 2021 due to Oval Ice issues
  Oct. 17 ST RMHSSC Fast is Fun ST, Rocky Mountain House, AB  Rescheduled to Jan 23, 2021
  Oct. 23-25 ST Canadian ST Championships, Montreal, QC  will be postponed until later in the season, at a date to be determined
  Oct.24-25 ST LSSA Bridge Bolt ST Ability Meet, Lethbridhe, AB Cancelled
Nov. 2020      
  Nov. 6-8  ST ST Canada Cup 1, Calgary, AB - Cancelled
  Nov. 7 ST RDSSC ST Meet, Red Deer, AB   Cancelled
  Nov.13-15 ST ESSA Fall Classic ST, Edmonton, AB Cancelled
  Nov.21 ST PWSSC Peace Wapiti Interclub Ability ST Meet, Grande Prairie, AB Cancelled
Dec. 2020      
  Dec. 4-6 ST Junior ST Championships, Cancelled
  Dec.5 ST LBBSSC Fire on Ice, Lloydminster, AB Cancelled
  Dec.5 ST BCSSC CIRC, Banff Canmore Speed Skating Club, AB Cancelled
  Dec. 11-13 ST Canadian Invitational, Montreal, QC Cancelled
  Dec. 11-13 LT Canada Cup 1, Cancelled
  Dec.12 LT ESSA Winter Classic LT, Edmonton, AB Cancelled
  Dec.15 ST LSSA Lethbridge Mini Meet, Lethbridge, AB (unsnactioned)
Jan. 2021      
  Jan. 2-5 LT Canadian Junior LT Championships / LT Canada Cup 2, Calgary AB Cancelled
  Jan. 16-17 LT RDCLSSC Jeremy Wotherspoon Invitational, Red Deer, AB, Settlers Place Oval (CYLT Qualifier) Cancelled
  Jan 16 ST Northern Lites Speed Skating Club ability meet, Peace River, AB Cancelled
  Jan. 23 ST RMHSSC Fast is Fun ST, Rocky Mountain House, AB Cancelled
  Jan. 29-31 LT LT Canada Cup 3, Red Deer, AB Cancelled
  Jan. 30-31 LT CSSA Alberta Long Track (ABLT), Calgary, AB Cancelled
Feb. 2021      
  Feb. 5-7 ST ST Canada Cup 2, City: TBC, QC Cancelled
  Feb. 6-7  LT Canadian Youth LongTrack Championships, TBC Cancelled
March 2021      
  Mar.6-7  ST CSSA RUFast, Calgary, AB Cancelled
  Mar. 12-14 ST ST Canada Cup Final, City: TBC, QC Cancelled
  Mar.16 ST LSSA Winter Mini Meet, Lethbridge, AB (unsnactioned)
  Mar. 18-21 LT LT Canada Cup 4, Calgary AB Cancelled
  Mar. 19-21 ST ST Canada Cup Junior Final, Richmond, BC Cancelled
  Mar. 27-28 ST Canadian Youth Short Track Championships – West, CanWest, Selkirk, MB Cancelled
  Mar. 27-28 ST Canadian Youth Short Track Championships - East, CanEast, Sherbrooks, QC Cancelled