Recent Award Winners

2018-2019 Season

All seasons

Mike Heitman Memorial Award for Volunteerism: Andrew Jenkins

Kevin Sirois Memorial Award (for LT Athletes):

Team Alberta Long Track at the 2019 Canada Winter Games, including Kaleb Muller, Joshua Hathaway, Paul Coderre, Max Halyk, Brooklyn McDougall, Cassidy Peterson, Anna Bourgeois and Kayla McNeely (pictured below, left)

Bruce Jones Memorial Award (for ST Athletes):

Team Alberta Short Track at the 2019 Canada Winter Games, including Brendan Yamada, Matej Pederson, Neithan Thomas, Mathias Bathe, Benjamin Cote, Caitlin Pelkey, Hee Won Son, Cezara Bere,Victoria Goplen (pictured below, right) and Molly Young.

2018-2019 Long Track Results-Based Awards:

Open Male: Ted-Jan Bloemen
Open Female: Brooklyn McDougall
Junior Male: Connor Howe
Junior Female: Zuzana Nedeljakova

2018-2019 Short Track Results Based Awards:

Open Male: Matej Pederson
Open Female: Hee Won Son
Junior Male: Brendan Yamada
Junior Female: Cezara Bere