Virtual Strength and Conditioning AB Training HUB featuring Bryan Yu

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Dates:  October 4 - March 13th, 2022 (21 weeks)

Ages:   T2T/Junior (11+)

Virtual Platform:  ZOOM

The intent of this virtual training is to establish continuous opportunities throughout the season to work with our skaters and to develop fitness/strength/power, technical acumen and a sense of camaraderie between all of our clubs and provinces. We have incredible coaching expertise to deliver all aspects of these camps in fun, engaging and inclusive environments.

Season Targets:  There are many targets for skaters to set their sights on (CWG's, Arctic Winter Games, ST/LT Canada Cups, CYST, CYLT, Personal Bests) and our programming will reflect support for every athlete and their goals as they participate and develop in robust training groups.

Program Details & Fees:  

Bryan will provide weekly strength and conditioning programming and will meet with the skaters virtually once/week to review the previous training and establish the training for the following week.  Programming will be designed to augment and further develop the athletic abilities of the skaters.

Bryan and the Lorelei will also connect with the local trainers in the community facilities to ensure there is support and understanding of this provincial initiative.  If skaters do not have access to a training facility, all training can be done in a home environment.

Basic home training equipment:  exercise mat, dumbbells, mini bands, exercise ball
(Bryan can provide additional equipment recommendations based on individual needs).

Season Fee:  $135.00

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