COVID-19 Return to Speed Skating Update, Oct 4th, 2020

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Update: October 4, 2020

The Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association updated the organization's response to the COVID-19 pandemic in July 2020 with a Return to Sport guideline.

Click here to access the full document Return to Speed Skating Version 2 (updated in October 2020)

The updated version inculded:

  • Updated Appendix B: Alberta Health Daily Checklist to reflect changes in the questions
  • Updated Appendix F: Participant Tracking Log to reflect the different responsibilities of activity organizers and Alberta Health Services (AHS). AASSA and member clubs are responsible for “Participant Tracking” whereas AHS is responsible for “Contact Tracing”. This change is also reflected under General Activity Requirements (AHS), Appendix A: Group Training Checklist, and Appendix D: COVID-19 Liaison.
  • Added a link to posters for member clubs to use in the ‘Participation’ section under General Requirements (Alberta Speed Skating).
  • Remove the recommendation to limit travel within the region in the ‘Travel’ section under Health & Safety Requirements.
  • Updated Club Office Guidance replacing “tracing” with “tracking” in the ‘Screening and Tracing’ section to reflect the different responsibilities of activity organizers and AHS.
  • Removed content in the ‘Guidelines for Prevention” section under Club Office Guidance. Replaced with a link to the ‘General Relaunch Guidance’ document provided by the Government of Alberta which outlines prevention and control recommendations and safety practices.
  • Updated ‘Sport-Specific Requirements” in Phase 3: On-Ice Training (with restrictions) permitting relays, mass start and/or activities with physical contact if participants are within the same cohort. Furthermore, the following clarification regarding masks was added: “Masks should not be worn during intense physical activity”.


Update: August 19th

Speed Skating Canada is waiting for the International Skating Union's decisions about the 2020-2021 season before announcing SSC decisions regarding the national competition schedule and Canada's participation in or hosting of any potential international competitions. Alberta Speed Skating will be paying close attention to these decisions and responding accordingly. Further updates are expected on or around September 1st.

Click on the following text to access these documents:

SSC's tentative 2020-2021 Season Competition Schedule (national and international)

SSC's Competition Contingency Plan, 19 August 2020



The July 2020 AASSA Return to Sport document includes:

5 Phases of the Return to Speed Skating plan:

  • General Activity Requirements (AHS)
  • General Requirements (Alberta Speed Skating)
  • Health and Safety Requirements
  • Club Office Guidance
  • Phase 1: Dryland Training (Individual)
  • Phase 2: Dryland Training (Group)
  • Phase 3: On-Ice Training (with restrictions)
  • Phase 4: Competitions (with restrictions)
  • Phase 5: To be determined (TBD) and Next Steps

The Return to Sport July 2020 document also includes several appendices:

  • Group Training Checklist
  • Alberta Health Daily Checklist
  • Club Declaration Form
  • COVID-19 Liaison
  • Contact Tracing Log

Please contact AASSA President Antonio Faiola via if you have any questions about AASSA's Return to Sport document and overall approach to safely return to speed skating in Alberta.