Cheer on Canada and show your support for the world's best speed skater! - Ticket request form (Updated)

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"Thank you for submitting your ticket requests for the ISU World Cup and Four Continent events. Ticket requests were sent to Speed Skating Canada (SSC) and you will receive your tickets directly from SSC. As a reminder, both events are closed to the general public due to government health and safety restrictions. Speed Skating Alberta looks forward to seeing many of its members at both events, cheering on team Canada!"

Speed Skating Canada (SSC) has recently received an exemption, allowing a certain number of spectators to attend the ISU World Cup and Four Continents events. Speed Skating Alberta (SSA) has partnered with SSC and we have a limited number of tickets per day available to our members.

If you're interested in attending one or more event days, please click on the link here to submit your request. Priority will be given to SSA members. Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee attendance to either event, given the limited number of tickets available per day. An electronic ticket will be emailed to you by SSC. Please note that the name on the ticket must match the name of the individual attending as tickets are non-transferrable.

Deadline for ticket request submission is: MT 23:59 on Sunday, December 5th, 2021

Event dates (please visit the Calgary Olympic Oval's website for schedule details):

World Cup Day 1 - Friday, December 10

World Cup Day 2 - Saturday, December 11

World Cup Day 3 - Sunday, December 12

Four Continents Day 1 - Wednesday, December 15

Four Continents Day 2 - Thursday, December 16

Four Continents Day 3 - Friday, December 17

Event attendees are subject to the University of Calgary's COVID-19 safety protocols. Please visit the Olympic Oval's website for more information.