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The Alberta speed skating high performance long track program is funded in part from the Alberta Sport Connection through its high performance coach Grant. While fulfilling the requirements of the Alberta Sport Connection’s HP Coach Grant, the program also aims to offer our Alberta skaters and option for high-performance long track that meets their individual needs.

The Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association’s vision is to give all Alberta speed skaters opportunity to reach their full potential. Our high-performance program helps each skater in the program reach their full potential by providing training tailored to meet their individual development needs, based on their developmental gaps or capacities for training, with careful attention paid to their training and skating background.

The long track focussed program runs two training groups out of the Olympic Oval, one on the B ice and one on the A ice. The program targets a range of skaters, from those looking to make the next step from what their club can provide in terms of training load or long track ice availability, to skaters looking at progressing to the National team level.

The ABSS HP Program coaches for 2017-18 are:

Mike Marshall – AASSA Provincial Coach/Technical Director and former Canadian National Team/Olympic team Long Track Coach.

Mike Ireland – certified Competition Development level coach and former Canadian National Long Track Team member and World Sprint Champion.

Every session has two coaches present to maximize time spent with each skater. Technical development is one of the key gaps that are addressed early so that skaters can maximize the investment that goes into their physiological development. Skaters will have access to sport science such as physiological testing, sport psychology and nutrition with funding provided for these areas by Alberta Sport Development Centre Calgary. Short training will also be utilized as training when possible.

We strongly believe that the entry pathway into high performance speed skating should be highly accessible, giving as many of our aspiring Alberta speed skaters the opportunity to see what they can accomplish if given the support. We will work to fit the program to their needs, adapting to their school load or other sports for the younger skaters.

ABSS High Performance Program fees for 2017-18 (payable to AASSA)

Stage 2:  $800 Generally skaters still in high school, or coming from a club in the previous season, or not yet ready for a full-time stage 3 training load.

Stage 3-4:  $1830

Ice access and weight room access fees are paid to the Olympic Oval. The Oval access fees for 2017-18 are:

TBD (2016-17 fees were $2561).

Please contact the Olympic Oval or see their website for updates on access fees.

Olympic Oval: 403-220-7954

For more information on the ABSS HP Program please contact Mike Marshall at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 403-210-8914.


Inset Below: In this Olympic Oval promo photo - some of our Alberta Speed Skating High Performance Program Skaters who train at the Olympic Oval, enjoying the final 2016-2017 competition of the year - the Oval Finale!

AB HPP at Oval Finale Mar2017