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It is time to celebrate! We will be announcing the winners of the three AASSA 2019-2020 nominations-based awards very soon, one for volunteerism and two athlete-based overall achievement awards (one for short track and one for long track). The descriptions are below, along with some of our past winners' names.

The Alberta athlete results-based awards for 2019-2020 have been calculated by the Alberta Speed Skating Skater Development Committee and will be announced by the Board soon too.

This photo below includes some of the members of our 2018-2019 Kevin Sirois and Bruce Jones Memorial Award-winning 2019 Canada Winter Games Long Track and Short Track Teams (Max Halyk, Kaleb Muller, Mathias Bathe, Paul Coderre, Joshua Hathaway, Cassidy Peterson and Anna Bourgeios)

some 2018 2019 award winners

Recent Award Winners

2018-2019 Season:

Mike Heitman Memorial Award for Outstanding Volunteerism: Andrew Jenkins

Kevin Sirois Memorial Award (for LT Athletes):

Team Alberta Long Track at the 2019 Canada Winter Games, including Kaleb Muller, Joshua Hathaway, Paul Coderre, Max Halyk, Brooklyn McDougall, Cassidy Peterson, Anna Bourgeois and Kayla McNeely (pictured below, left)

Bruce Jones Memorial Award (for ST Athletes):

Team Alberta Short Track at the 2019 Canada Winter Games, including Brendan Yamada, Matej Pederson, Neithan Thomas, Mathias Bathe, Benjamin Cote, Caitlin Pelkey, Hee Won Son, Cezara Bere,Victoria Goplen (pictured below, right) and Molly Young.

2018-2019 Long Track Results-Based Awards:

Open Male: Ted-Jan Bloemen
Open Female: Brooklyn McDougall
Junior Male: Connor Howe
Junior Female: Zuzana Nedeljakova

2018-2019 Short Track Results Based Awards:

Open Male: Matej Pederson
Open Female: Hee Won Son
Junior Male: Brendan Yamada
Junior Female: Cezara Bere

Further Information and History about the Awards

Nominated Athlete Awards:

1) the Kevin Sirois Memorial Award (for Long Track Athletes) and

2) the Bruce Jones Memorial Award (for Short Track Athletes)

The Kevin Sirois and the Bruce Jones Memorial Awards will be presented to one long track-focussed and one short track-focussed skater who best exemplifies:

Kayla McNeely co winner of the 2018 2019 Kevin Sirois Award                           Scholastic Achievement
Athletic Achievement
Positive Attitude
Positive Self-image
Positive Role Model
                    Victoria Goplen w AASSA award 2018 2019cropped

Kevin Sirois Memorial Awards

2018-2019: Team Alberta Long Track at the 2019 Canada Winter Games 
2017-2018: Anna Bourgeois
2016-2017: Brooklyn McDougall
2015-2016: Connor Howe
2014-2015: Adeline Maunder

Bruce Jones Memorial Awards:

2018-2019: Team Alberta Short Track at the 2019 Canada Winter Games
2017-2018: Anneke Pederson
2016-2017: Keil Hillis
2015-2016: [not awarded]
2014-2015: Sam Pollock

Nominated Mike Heitman Memorial Award for Outstanding Volunteerism

This award will be presented to an AASSA volunteer who has been outstanding in his or her contributions towards the sport of speed skating in the province of Alberta, and has demonstrated long term commitment in their current or past AASSA activities.

2018-2019: Andrew Jenkins (shown right)

2017-2018: Michelle and Jules Chabot

2016-2017: Larry Howe

2015-2016: Shawna Pearman

2014-2015: Werner Meyer

Andrew Jenkins at Setters Place

Results-Based Athlete Awards

The following awards are results-based and no nomination form is required. Award recipients will be determined based on the results as tabulated by AASSA using national and international competition results and rankings (AASSA, SSC and ISU results and other relevant, official meet protocols).

     Alberta Skater of the Year Award – Long Track (4 in total)
     Male and Female Open (overall), Male and Female Junior

To be presented to Alberta’s most successful long track athletes, based on results achieved during the past season.

Male Open: Ted-Jan Bloemen
Female Open: Brooklyn McDougall
Male Junior: Connor Howe
Female Junior: Zuzana Nedeljakova

     Alberta Skater of the Year Award – Short Track (4 in total)
     Male and Female Open (overall), Male and Female Junior

To be presented to Alberta’s most successful short track athletes, based on results achieved during the past season.

Male Open: Matej Pederson
Female Open: Hee Won Son
Male Junior: Brendan Yamada
Female Junior: Cezara Bere

Note: The results-based athlete awards were categorized as "Junior" and "Senior" in the past. If a Junior athlete was awarded the Open (or Senior) results award, the next-ranked athlete in the category is/was awarded the Junior award.

Male Senior Long Track:
2017-2018: Ted-Jan Bloemen
2016-2017: Ted-Jan Bloemen
2015-2016: Ted-Jan Bloemen
2014-2015: Gilmore Junio

Female Senior Long Track:
2017-2018: Brianne Tutt
2016-2017: Kaylin Irvine
2015-2016: Kaylin Irvine
2014-2015: Jessica Gregg

Male Senior Short Track:
2017-2018: Keil Hillis
2016-2017: Keil Hillis
2015-2016: Sasha Fathoullin
2014-2015: Keil Hillis

Female Senior Short Track:
2017-2018: Marika Nadal
2016-2017: Marika Nadal
2015-2016: Marika Nadal
2014-2015: Marika Nadal

Male Junior Long Track:
2017-2018: Kaleb Muller
2016-2017: Connor Howe
2015-2016: Dylan White
2014-2015: Alex Ruel-Garvey

Female Junior Long Track:
2017-2018: Brooklyn McDougall
2016-2017: Brooklyn McDougall
2015-2016: Hee Won Son
2014-2015: Maddison Pearman

Male Junior Short Track:
2017-2018: Brendan Yamada
2016-2017: Brendan Yamada
2015-2016: Paul Coderre
2014-2015: Sasha Fathoullin

Female Junior Short Track:
2017-2018: Hee Won Son
2016-2017: Hee Won Son
2015-2016: Hee Won Son
2014-2015: Cassidy Peterson

Award Histories

Kevin Sirois Memorial Award (currently awarded to Alberta Long Track-focussed Athletes)

Kevin Sirois was on his way to becoming one of the few Canadians to compete in both winter (speed skating) and summer (cycling) Olympics in the same year. Kevin’s speed skating performance at the 1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo, Japan found him placing 14th in the 10,000m and setting a Canadian record that would not be broken until 1982.

Upon returning to him home in Red Deer, Kevin started training for a spot on the Canadian Olympic cycling team for the Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. However, on May 14, 1972, at the age of 23, Kevin was tragically killed in a cycling accident near Ponoka.

During his 17 years as a competitor, Kevin set over 20 Canadian speed skating records at both junior and senior levels, in races from 500 m to 5 miles. In 1971, Kevin competed in the Pan Am cycling competitions in Call, Columbia and toured Italy with the Canadian cycling team.

Kevin was the first recipient of the Canadian Amateur Speed Skating Association’s Skater of the Year Award in 1968, and was named Red Deer’s Athlete of the Year in both 1966 and 1971. Twenty-four days before his death, Kevin received the City of Edmonton Award for his outstanding contribution to both community and sport.

Kevin Sirois dedicated through training and professionalism has become a legacy for young Albertans. Following his death in 1972, two facilities were built in his name - The Kevin Sirois Fitness Testing and Training Centre in Red Deer and The Kevin Sirois Gymnasium at Red Deer College. The Annual Kevin Sirois Classic Provincial Cycling Race was first held in 1987 by the Alberta Cycling Association in Kevin’s honor.

On a final note, Kevin was inducted into the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame in 1993.

Bruce Jones Memorial Award (currently awarded to Alberta Short Track-focussed Athletes)

Bruce Jones was an accomplished skater and overall athlete and he was an excellent student when he passed away suddenly during a training ride. He left us too soon, and we honour his memory and his legacy of excellence through this award.

A promising talent in sprint, Bruce skated out of Edmonton and held a track record on the oval there (1000m). He studied law at the University of Alberta. On Sunday July 10th (the day of the Universiad cycling road race) Bruce went on a training ride with some of the Edmonton club skaters. The group showed up without Bruce who apparently had complained about a severe headache and had stopped at a farm for some water. His teammates retraced the route by car and found no signs of him. Later that day, Bruce's body was found on the side of the road. An autopsy later revealed that he had suffered a brain aneurism. Bruce skated with Willem Langenberg, Rob Grant and Arno Hoogveld amongst others, and is remembered with respect and fondness by all who knew him.

Bruce Douglas Andrew Jones, July 3rd, 1963 - July 10th, 1983

The memory of Bruce reminds us to live each day to the fullest, enjoying the moments and living with excellence - as Bruce did.

Mike Heitman Memorial Award for Outstanding Volunteer Contributions to Speed Skating in Alberta

Mike Heitman was a talented competitive speed skater from Red Deer in the 1970s. He had a short skating career and life, but he left strong, positive impressions with those who knew him. As is typical in our sport, he and his family were dedicated volunteers and we are pleased to honour other volunteers in Mike's name.