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Western Elite Circuit #2 & WT2T (Richmond, BC) December 15-17, 2017

The Richmond Oval in the Greater Vancouver, BC, area will be hosting the short track Western Elite Circuit #2 competition on Dec. 15-17, 2017. Skaters who qualify for and participate in the Canadian Junior Short Track Championships in Calgary the same weekend may still participate in the overall WEC 2017-2018 competition (finishing with WEC #3 in Calgary in February); points will be adjusted appropriately for the Canadian Junior participants.

New this year is a Western Train-To-Train (WT2T) parallel competition on the same days as WEC #2 in Richmond. The early Registration Deadline is Dec. 1st for both competitions.

Click on the links below for the announcements and registration forms:

WEC #2 Announcement

WEC #2 Registration Form

Click here for the Western Elite #2 Registration Page at the Richmond Olympic Oval Dec 15-17


WT2T Announcement

WT2T Registration Form

Click here for the Western T2T Registration Page at the Richmond Oval Dec 16-17Richmond Oval Dec 16-17