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Hawrelak Park Edmonton, February 10 and 11

The Silver Skate Festival invites you to skate the 1 km, 5km, 10km and/or 1 hour Skate Races on the 5-hectare lake at Hawrelak Park.

Outdoor Long Track racing on a 1km loop. Natural ice base with Zamboni treatment on top.

These races are among our festival's signature events and have their roots in the Europe - especially in the Netherlands, where long-distance speed skating is popular. Skaters use frozen lakes, canals, rivers, and ovals (both indoor and outdoor), and compete in races ranging from 10km to 200km.

February 10, 2018
8:00am Chip Timer Assignment
9:00am 1 Hour Skate Race
10:45am 5km Skate Race
11:15am 1km Skate Race
11:30am 1km All Comers Skate Race
1:00pm Awards Ceremony

February 11, 2018
8am Chip Timer Assignment
9:00am 10km Skate Race
11:00am Awards Ceremony

2:00 pm Kortebaan

1:00-4:00pm Speed Skating Try It


The Dutch Kortebaan (pronounced “kor-te-ban”) is a traditional speed-skating sprint race held on outdoor ice. Historically, it was one of the first formats used to declare speed-skating champions in Holland and winners were usually awarded prize money – and a ham. In our version of the event, pairs of skaters race down a straight, 160m route on frozen Hawrelak Park Lake. One by one, skaters are eliminated until the final two compete in a sudden-death race. The final skater left standing wins a ham and bragging rights.

Registration is online through the Silver Skate Festival website.

Next price hike is February 1st (fee goes up by $5 or $10)

Same day registration available, but costs more and needs to be 90 minutes before your event of choice begins.

Full details about the Silver Skate Festival are available here:

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