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New SSC Membership and Affiliate System (MAS)

Speed Skating Canada has been using a membership database referred to as MMS for the past few years. This online registration system is being replaced on June 1st by a new system called the Membership and Affiliate System (MAS).

Here is some information for Alberta Clubs:

• Communications from Speed Skating Canada

All communications about MAS will be sent directly to the PTSOs (Provincial Branch Contacts – AASSA). AASSA will then distribute the information to their respective clubs, officials, coaches, etc. to help prepare members and clubs for the 2018-2019 season.

• Providing Feedback to Speed Skating Canada

SSC has asked that any questions or constructive comments regarding the MAS voiced by clubs, officials, coaches, etc. be communicated first to the PTSO (AASSA). If AASSA is not in a position to respond, AASSA will forward those questions or comments to SSC. This will allow us to maintain clean lines of communication. Please do not contact SSC directly about MAS. Refer to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Kristine is the main contact.

The system is being created dynamically and the most up-to-date resources are posted here, and updated regularly:

• Training Guides and Videos

• SSC and AASSA Membership Fees for 2018-2019

Please note that Speed Skating Canada’s and Alberta Speed Skating membership fees for the 2018-2019 season will remain unchanged from the membership fees established for the 2017-2018 season

Fees are listed below on this web page.

-- other than processing fees related to MAS payments to be confirmed later in July 2018, but initially set at $3.95 + 35 cents per each online transaction; $1 per member for manual payment transactions; this may need to be discussed within clubs.

• Online Payments

All PTSOs and clubs are required to register their members using the MAS, which will have the ability to manage payments online. For the 2018-2019 season, Speed Skating Canada will allow clubs to process payments using the MAS or process payments manually. As noted, there will be a $3.95 + 35 cents per online transaction charged in the system -- and clubs will need to set up how this will be paid: either by the clubs, by the members directly, or a combination of both. If manual fee payments are done, there will be a $1 per member fee, but manually accounting will have to be done by the Club, AASSA and SSC.

• Contact Details for Members

The MAS will have numerous features that will allow Speed Skating Canada to better communicate with members. Kindly ensure that contact details featured within a members’ account belongs to the member and not the club or PTSO.


2018-2019 AASSA and SSC Category Descriptions and Fees

* There are no 2018-2019 membership fee changes, however, SSC's new MAS registration system will have usage charges as noted above

SSC Categories SSC Fee AASSA Fee Descriptions:
Elite $60 $90 A skater who competes in International and/or Domestic sanctioned competitions i.e. SSC National Championships (Age Class, Junior, Senior), Canada Cups, North Americans, Canada Winter Games and Selection events in Canada.
Competitive $40 $60 A skater who competes in any other SSC or Branch sanctioned competition.
Participant $20 $45 A skater who is a member of a Canadian speed skating club who does not compete in a sanctioned event.
Associate $6 $15 A member of a Canadian speed skating club who contributes as a coach, official, volunteer or parent who does not participate as a skating member.
Introductory $6 $10 A skater who participates in a Learn to Skate or Student program from 16 -23 weeks conducted by clubs to provide the participant with an introduction to speed skating.
Event $0 $1 A skater who participates in an individual sanctioned competition or special event.